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About Angel Numbers

Have you ever come across a recurring number that seems to appear everywhere you look, persistently capturing your attention? This isn’t mere coincidence; rather, it’s a compelling sign bearing an urgent message.

This message serves as guidance, prompting you to take proactive steps to enhance specific aspects of your life.

These meaningful numbers reveal themselves in diverse locations – from license plates and phone numbers to computer screens and street signs. Their presence goes beyond randomness, extending to a point where they can’t be dismissed as chance occurrences.

To comprehend the significance of these numbers, direct your focus toward the qualities associated with each digit in the sequence. By delving into the realm of numerology, you can unveil the hidden meanings behind these numerical messages.

Referred to as Angel Numbers, these numerical prompts are dispatched to aid and steer you. The term originates from the belief that angels, serving as messengers from higher realms, communicate through these numbers.

Moreover, angels are often perceived as reflections of our profound selves, embodying boundless wisdom. Consequently, they extend their guidance from the depths of our true essence.

Interpretation of Angel Number 111

In this article we’ll talk about the number sequence 1 1 1 and explain what message it’s carrying, and how you can interpret that when it appears repeatedly in your daily life by applying numerology. 

The number sequence 111 is a powerful message being sent to you to tell you that your angels are around you, they’re very close, they’re right there with you and they are sending you their unconditional love, encouragement, and support. 

This message is urgent and specific advice from your guardian angels to guide you on the right path. 

In the moment that you see the number 1 1 1 you are surrounded by your angels who are accompanying you and guiding you at that moment in time. 

Angel numbers that repeat the same single digit number amplify and add urgency to the number in question. 

The message held within the angel number relates to the specific themes and unconscious behavioral patterns that are assigned to that number in numerology, and so we can use numerology to decode the numbers and reveal their message. 

So when you witness multiple repeating appearances of the number sequence 1 1 1, it’s urgently communicating to you that the energy and inertia of the number one is influencing your life at the current time most likely in ways you’re unaware of and therefore you need to reflect on the numerological explanation of the 1 to obtain clarity on how this is affecting you. 

In addition, because 1 1 1 reduces to 3, the numerological interpretation of the 3 is also to be looked at but has secondary importance.  

Every number in numerology has a higher and a lower vibration, the higher being beneficial and the lower being detrimental to you. 

So if you are being messaged 1 1 1, you are being advised that in some area of your life the lower vibration of the 1 is taking hold and you need to change that to the higher vibration before there are serious consequences. 

The more frequently you witness an angel number event, the more urgent is the message for you. 

A Brief Summary Of Angel Number 111:

The angel number 111 is a message from your guardian angels advising you that the themes of: 

  • Self-confidence, 
  • Self-guidance, 
  • Self-dependence, 
  • Self-control, 
  • Pioneering,  
  • Risk taking, 
  • Innovation, 
  • Invention, 
  • New beginnings, 
  • Creation of new realities,  
  • Problem solving, 
  • Doing things differently, 
  • Guidance, 
  • Leadership of others;  

are highly stimulated at the current time in your life and require your urgent and immediate attention. 

The number 111 is a reminder that we have the ability to create our own reality.  

This ability comes from the power of thought: we can use our thoughts to create whatever positive outcome we want in our lives. 

If you are repeatedly observing this number in your daily surroundings, then it means that your guardian angels are making a great effort to communicate to you.

Therefore now is the time to be open to your angels and be receptive to their support.  

To fully understand the message of angel number 111 we must first of all look at the numerology of the number 1. 

Number 1 High Vibration Blueprint

The blueprint for the numerology of number 1 is: self-confidence, courage and daring, autonomy, Independence, Innovation, invention, avant-garde, catalyst for emergence and beginnings, a natural guide and leader, a creative force that defines new realities.  

The aforementioned qualities are what the number 1 represents in numerology in its full potential, in its highest resonance. 

At the same time, there is also the blueprint for the flip side, or the lower vibration of the 1, and this would be: 

lack of self-confidence, loneliness, isolation, impulsive, reckless, manipulative, abuse of own authority, dictatorial, contempt for others opinions, and fear of failure. 

The meaning and interpretation of angel number 111.

So, what does it mean when you’re seeing 111 repeatedly in your daily life? Well it means that something within you, related to the significance of the number 1, and also to a lesser degree the number 3, is being reflected back at you as part of your sensory experience. 

This event is known as a synchronicity and is an attempt by your guardian angels to communicate a matter of importance from your inner world to the outer world. 

This matter as stated comes from within you, and is personal to you, and to something going on, or things happening in your life relating to the numerology of the 1. 

Repeatedly observing angel number 111 shows you need to make changes in specific areas of your life. 

You will probably need to step outside of your comfort zone and enter unknown territory. 

You may have to give up something that doesn’t serve you, which can be scary; but you must trust in yourself and the fact that your guardian angels are supporting you. 

The message of angel number 111 with respect to the high vibration of the 1.

1 1 1 communicates themes associated with the 1, both in its higher and lower vibrations. 

First of all we will look at the high vibration of the 1 and what meaning that can give to the message of angel number 111. 

As we’ve already seen the 1 higher vibration blueprint is as seen in the image. 

Number 1 High Vibration Blueprint

The Self and the Individual.

The self is central to the theme of this number and is a vital part of the message. 

The energy of the number one represents self-confidence, self-guidance, self-control, and self-reliance; and it follows that 1 stands for individuality and uniqueness. 

The energy of the number 1 is autonomous, independent, and individual; the number having learned to rely on itself for its drive forward. 

The number 1 has a strong sense of self-identity and will always stand up for itself if it feels threatened, drawing on its formidable inner strength. 

The self is the core of who you are, and what makes you unique; your innermost being, your true nature, and the energy that drives you forward. 

The theme of self is empowering because it helps us discover our true potential as individuals. It gives us confidence in our ability to change things for the better.  

So angel number 111 is talking to you about the theme of self-confidence, self-reliance and individuality. It’s time for you to respect yourself and act with your needs as a priority. 

The number 1 1 1 is a message from the angels to remind you that you are your own best friend and that you have what it takes to find happiness. 

Angel number 111 is encouraging you to take care of yourself, do things that make you happy, and be proud of who you are. 

It’s important to remember that self-confidence comes from within and not from others. It’s something you must find within yourself and nurture every day. 

Angel number 111 also reminds us that we all have our own unique gifts and talents, and we should embrace them and use them as often as we can. 

The more we use our gifts and talents the more confident we become in ourselves.  

Courage and Risk Taking:

The theme of courage and risk taking is associated with the number 1 in numerology. 

The number 1 is an initiator, a pioneer. It represents the first step on the path to success. 

The 1 energy is of achievement and the rewards for having believed in oneself. 

The one energy represents the possibility of seeing your dreams come true and succeeding in any and all areas of life, whether that be financial, emotional, spiritual etc. 

People with this number are not afraid to take risks in life if they feel it will bring them closer to their goal or ambition. 

They don’t care what other people think about them or their actions, but rather focus on the end result, and how it can help them to achieve their dreams and goals. 

Therefore the message of angel number 111 is that of courage, and having the courage to take risks to achieve your goals and dreams. 

The theme of courage may be highly resonant in your life at this time, and it may be that you are lacking courage to take action over something. 

Perhaps you are feeling the call to do something different, something more, but you don’t know where to start or how to make it happen, in which case, 111 is telling you that you would do well to take heart and take the leap.  

1 1 1 is letting you know that your courage will be supported by your angels.

Alternatively this message could be sent to you just after you have taken action on an ambitious plan involving a big risk, in which case your angels are sending you reassurance that you are on the right path.  

Initiative, Action and Creating New Realities:

The energy of the number 1 in numerology is that of initiative, taking action, and emergence. 

Hence the 1 energy breathes life into new possibilities, and strives tirelessly to create the new. 

The one is a leader and an initiator. It has the potential to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in any situation. 

The 1 is always on the move, always ready to take the lead in any situation. 

1 people have an almost superhuman ability to create new directions and possibilities for themselves. 

The one energy is a creative force to be reckoned with, capable of constructing new realities out of nothing but an idea. 

So angel number 111 is a reminder that it’s time for you to take the initiative. It’s time for you to start taking action and make the changes you know are necessary to move forward. 

If you see this number sequence repeatedly then the subject of taking action is highly resonant with your life at this time:  

perhaps you have taken action, in which case your angels are reassuring you that you’re on the right track; and if not, then they are advising you that you should take action over something, so you would be wise to reflect on what that might be. 

If you can get into the 1 mindset, you will see your life as a series of opportunities to create something new; and 1 1 1 is encouraging you to do just that. 

Innovation and invention:

In numerology the number 1 represents innovation, invention, and creativity. 

The one energy is all about creative ideas, a unique way of looking at things, and a unique approach. 

The thing is that the 1 energy is the only energy that is capable of bringing these new ideas into the world and making them a reality. 

The number 1 will innovate to resolve a situation because it doesn’t rely on anyone else for the answer. 

For this reason it ends up very often with a unique and new way of doing things, in the process of which an intensely creative energy is set to work. 

The 1 energy is independent creative action, which often finds itself outside of the conventional norms because it doesn’t look to them for guidance. 

Angel Number 111 tells you to follow your unique voice. The number carries within it the themes of innovation, invention, and creative action. 

It carries within it the possibility of looking at things from a unique, unconventional point of view and thus creating new ways of achieving things. 

When angel number 111 appears in your life your guardian angels are encouraging you to be more innovative, inventive, and creative in your approach to whatever problem or situation you are currently facing. 

1 1 1 is telling you that you are ready for something new in your life, whether that be a business, a project, a relationship etc. 

If you’re feeling discouraged about something right now, then this message from your angels could be telling you that there’s something better out there waiting for you if only you can use your creative power to find a new way through.  

Guide and Leader:

The energy and dynamics of the 1 in numerology make it a natural leader. 

The 1 energy is naturally helpful to others due to it having already found its path by itself, and so can now give guidance to others. 

In addition others admire its natural ability to achieve, its courage, and its self-confidence. 

The 1 energy is fiercely ambitious, tenacious, and resilient, as well as the already mentioned unshakable self-confidence; qualities that naturally lend it to becoming a leader and inspirer of others. 

The 1 will always be there for others when they need help with something and inspires others to better themselves. Because it understands what it takes to find one’s own way, it can recommend ways that others can do so as well. 

The world needs the display of courage, audacity, risk-taking, and non-conformism that the 1 energy provides, to inspire and uplift others. 

So the message of angel number 111 carries the theme of leadership and guidance within it. 

Angel number 111 is a powerful reminder that courageous, audacious, and risk-taking individuals can Inspire those around them. 

These characteristics are not only helpful to the person who possesses them but also to others. 

When 1 1 1 appears in your life, it could be highlighting the subject of leadership and guidance to others:  

It could be that you need to help others who are going through something you’ve already been through, or indeed that you are in need of an example who can help you through.  

The Message Of Angel Number 111 With Respect to The Low Vibration Of The 1.

As already seen, the low vibration blueprint for the number 1 is as seen in the image. 

Number-1-Low -Vibration-Blueprint

Lack of Self-Confidence:

As with any number in numerology, the themes which it represents have two opposite facets. i.e. a high and a low vibration. 

The vibration is high when the theme or characteristic in question is in abundance and flowing, and the vibration is low when it is lacking or stagnant. 

As already discussed, the energy of the one represents self-confidence, but whether that energy is vibrating high or low in your life depends on you and your current state. 

People with a 1 in their numerology will be continuously tied up with this theme of self but will often spend long periods of their life stuck in the low vibration of lacking self-confidence and self-knowledge, or may be in a lifelong struggle going between the high and low vibrations. 

Therefore the potential lack of self-confidence and general self-awareness is also inherent in the energy of the 1. 

If you’re seeing Angel number 111 in your daily life it could be because you’re lacking self-awareness and confidence. 

If this resonates with you take some time to reflect on the subject of self. It’s possible that this theme is resonating with you because you are currently stuck in the low vibration and are severely lacking self-knowledge, self-worth, or self-confidence. 

You would be wise to be brutally honest with yourself about how much you know about who you are and what you want from life. 

If you want to achieve things in life, having a strong sense of self and healthy self-confidence is essential. 

It’s important for anyone who wants to reach their full potential and make positive changes happen for themselves. 

Consider how much better off your life would be if you were able to develop a stronger sense of self-knowledge, worth, and confidence, and also how those around you would benefit too. 

Fear of Failure:

The numerology of 1 represents the willingness to take risks for the achievement of goals, but just as the subject of self has two facets, so does that of risk-taking; and the low vibration facet of this theme is the fear of failure. 

The fear of failure is a low vibration that can hinder your progress and prevent action from being taken. When you are afraid to fail you stay stuck in your comfort zone, which prevents you from moving forward with your goals and dreams. 

You may not even be aware that you’re afraid to fail until it’s too late: you’ve already missed out on opportunities for growth because you didn’t take action. 

Angel number 111 may be warning you that fear of failure is blocking your progress in some aspect of your life. Fear of failure can stop you from trying new things, reaching out to people, and even getting out of bed in the morning. 

It’s one of the most common reasons why people don’t achieve their dreams. The truth is that your failures are not failures at all, they’re simply experiments and data for what you need to do next.  

You aren’t failing if you’re learning from your mistakes. Try to remind yourself: “fail forward”, – that means that when you hit a stumbling block, don’t walk away from it or give up, – look at what happened and take note of what went wrong so that next time you can avoid making the same mistake again. 

You will make mistakes along the way, embrace them as part of life and keep moving forward. It’s imperative that you truly grasp that failure is part of the process of success. 

People who avoid failure also avoid success. Have the courage to fail. 

Authoritarianism and Arrogance:

The 1 energy represents leadership and guidance in its high vibration but it can also represent authoritarianism, arrogance, and even narcissism in its low vibration. 

Because the 1’s strength is in finding its own way, it may fall into the dynamic of feeling that it has a right to direct others; that their own opinion is the only one that matters, and may lead others in an arrogant way that is difficult to digest. 

At the most extreme the 1 can end up in a narcissistic bubble where it demands admiration and attention from its followers. 

Another related facet of this dynamic of the 1 energy is the potential manipulation and abuse of authority through intimidation to serve one’s own ends. 

Therefore Angel Number 111 may be a warning from your angels that you’re abusing your authority over others. 

You would be wise to reflect on whether or not you are making an adequate use of your authority to empower and guide others in a beneficial way. 

Authority should not be used for controlling others or crushing their opinions. 

Angel number 111 encourages us to be aware of the benefits of using your leadership to help others grow, develop, and find their own way; and enhance the lives of others rather than oppress them by forcing your ways on them. 

While it can be tempting at times to force people into doing what we want them to do, these methods are counterproductive in the end because they create resentment and resistance instead of cooperation and trust. 

Impulsive and Rebellious: The 1 in its high vibration is accustomed to taking risks and also to dusting itself off from failure when embarking on a new venture. 

The 1 never knows for sure how it will end up. This unpredictable dynamic is managed with awareness and self-control when the high vibration dominates, however the low vibration 1 can be blasé about risk, and base its action on impulse and even recklessness. 

Associated with this impulsiveness is the possibility of conflict with the established conventions. 

The 1 energy is unconventional by definition but when this generates much conflict it can lead to a rebellious nature, which while not necessarily unhealthy in moderate measure, when taken to the extreme can become destructive. 

When rebelliousness and recklessness are combined, the result can be explosive.  

The theme of risk taking contained within the message of angel number 111 could be a warning in the context of the low vibration of the 1, advising us that the best way to take risks is by ensuring that we have a clear goal in mind and that we are acting with purpose; never from impulse, recklessness, or rebellion. 

111 reminds us that when you are acting on impulse you are acting with raw emotion and not really considering the consequences of what you are doing. 

The result is often an action that is ill thought-out and that leads to negative results. 

Angel Number 111 can be seen as an invitation to change your perspective on what risks are acceptable by asking yourself if this new perspective will help you achieve your goals more effectively.  

Loneliness and Isolation:

The 1 is self-reliant, a loner. The 1 energy takes care of itself and finds its own way in life. 

The 1 is not dependent on others for their happiness or well-being: they are strong enough to take care of themselves and do not need the company of others to survive or thrive. 

Because they are so self-reliant, it’s not easy for the one person to open up to others or allow someone into their life, and they can actively resist sharing themselves.  

This can lead to a struggle with loneliness and isolation due to a severe lack of human contact.  

Contained within the message of angel number 111 is the low vibration energy of loneliness and isolation, – the flip side of self-reliance and individuality. 

The number 111 is a gentle reminder that we mustn’t over-rely on ourselves. 

The self-reliance that the number 1 represents is a strength, but it can become a weakness if it becomes excessive and isolating. 

Angel Number 111 warns us about the dangers of being shut off from other people who could bring balance and harmony into our lives. 

Even a 1 person can feel lonely without someone to share their success with or to relate their struggles to. 

So 111 reminds us to look for ways to connect with others on a regular basis so that we don’t feel isolated or alone. 

1 1 1 advises us to reflect on our lives, to see if we’re rejecting beneficial opportunities to let wonderful people and influences into our lives. 

The Influence of the Number 3 on Angel Number 1 1 1.

Angel number 111 contains within it the secondary message of the 3, due to 1 1 1 reducing to 3. 

The number 3 is all about joy and happiness in your life. It’s about communication, uplifting and inspiring others, and having fun yourself while doing so. 

The 3 is telling you to be aware of self-doubt and to ask if you’re trapped in overthinking or procrastinating over something that requires action. 

3 represents the transformation of the past into the future, the creation and manifestation of new realities.  

The number 3 also represents harmony and balance within your life, as well as the healing of past trauma. 

When you have balance in your life you feel secure and at peace with yourself, which allows you to be more open-minded and accepting of others. 

The appearance of 1 and 3 together make for a very interesting combination as many of their principal themes resonate with one another:  

The energy of the 1 in its high vibration guides others and helps them to find their feet, just as the 3 uplifts and inspires them. 

The 3 energy resonates with the action – procrastination, and the self-doubt – self-belief pairings, while the 1 resonates with the parallel themes of courage and fear of failure, as well as self-confidence and the lack of it. 

The nature of the 3 in the healing of trauma and encouraging balance helps the 1 energy to be at peace, and thus be more accepting and open to others. 

The two numbers make for a formidable partnership in the area of creation of the new, as it is perhaps their greatest mutual strength. 

Therefore in the case of angel number 111 the influence of the 3 unifies and reinforces multiple closely related themes in the messages it carries. 

About How to Reflect on the Message of Angel Number 111 and What it Means for You:

Given everything that has been discussed so far, some obvious questions to reflect on and ask yourself are: 

is the theme of self healthy and robust in you? 

are you taking care of your individual needs, and are your individual gifts allowed to flourish? 

are you being courageous in some aspect of your life, or are you lacking courage? 

are you willing to take risks where the goal is clear, or does fear hold you back? 

is there growth and progression in some part of your life? 

does the energy of taking action and initiative flow, or is it stagnant? 

do new things occur in your life, or are you stuck in a rut? 

do you innovate, or do you follow convention? 

are you able to guide others in some area that you are experienced in? 

do you need the influence of a mentor in your life?  

if you have won the admiration of others, are you trying to use that authority to control them? 

is your risk taking carried out from conviction and self-control, or is there any impulsive or rebellious aspect to it? 

Finally, remember that the 1 energy creates its own reality through the power of thought. 

Keep this formidable power at the forefront of your awareness! 

Are you  witnessing multiple appearances of the number 1 1 1 in your daily life and surroundings? If so, we’d love to hear about it – please leave me a message in the comments below. 

I’d also be fascinated to hear which of the themes related to the 1 that we’ve discussed are having the biggest influence on your life at the time that you witnessed 1 1 1.

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  1. Nina Avatar

    For a while I am seeing numbers 11:11. Your message was exactly for me. Whose energies are all around me for a while, but I needed to structure them. It is like a message of the next step what to do. Wake up and take action. It is a time.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Jonathan Reiss Avatar

      Hi Nina.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      So happy to hear my article helped you to wake up and take action, that it helped you give structure to the energies in your life, and helped you see the steps you need to take.

      I really desire that you achieve everything you need and hope for.

      Best wishes, energy, and light to you.

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