Master Number 33: The Master Healer. 


Master Number 33 is a superior vibration of Number 6, so individuals with this number combine all that Number 6 embodies together with the additional elements of Number 33. Among those additional extras is the capability to cure others either via alternative or standard means. Some 33’s cure through a medical or health associated platform, as a physician or a psychiatrist would do, whilst others cure through their self-expression or ingenuity, in the way that a performer, an artist, or a singer would do.


Due to having a twofold dosage of the innovative and self-expressive energy of Number 3, lots of 33’s have artistic capabilities. Positive self-expression is really essential for their general wellness. 33’s base number of 6, shows its influence in that 33 people have an innate ability for teaching and instructing, too. 





33s hardly ever have any troubles in finding and keeping partners due to their extremely caring character and abilities in dealing with individuals. People love them instinctively, and are really attracted to their kind hearted and generous character.


They’re so great at captivating individuals with their magnanimous character that in some cases they have a hard time stabilizing their own requirements with those of others. It’s natural that such a giving person would wish to be all things to everyone, and to a higher degree than any other number, they’re in fact able to do that successfully.



Life lesson.


Although sometimes they can feel strained by their obligations, their life objective is to develop and grow through altruistic service to others. When a 33 can master their perfectionism, discover a healthy balance between receiving and giving, and conquer the significant life lessons of Number 6, they start to enter the true Master Number power of the 33.




Life Path 33 positive and negative traits:


Positive traits.















Negative traits.


Emotionally volatile,






Self righteous.




Ideal roles for number 33s are:


Teachers, human rights activists, and carers. Alternative therapists, healers and intuitive readers. Counselors, child-care professionals, teachers, and health professionals. Artists, musicians, entertainers, writers, and actors.