Numerology Master Number 22




numerology master number 22

Master Number 22: The Master Builder.

Master Number 22 is a more elevated vibration of Number 4, so it integrates all the things that Number 4 embodies, in addition to the supplementary extras of the Number 22.

Among those additional extras is the power of vision and the potential to turn desires into real life through practical application. 22’s ability to see the bigger picture allows them to understand what has to be done to enhance the performance of an organisation, company, product, service, neighborhood, or even mankind as a whole.

Number 22’s are driven to construct, design, develop, or improve something of benefit to all, by traversing both the physical and the spiritual aspects of life. They combine their common sense and reasoning with their inner understanding and instinct.

22’s are natural forerunners who have the capacity to reach enormous heights within their selected speciality, whether it’s the business, scientific, health, technical, political, creative, humanitarian, or immaterial arena. 


Relationships with Number 22, can be deep, loving, and endure permanently. Or they can be filled with difficulties!

The Life Path number 22 individual is faithful, dedicated and kind hearted. They have a natural understanding of what their partner requires in a relationship, and love being the one to supply it.

However, times will come when they require privacy and autonomy and absolutely nothing less will do, so if their partner isn’t going to provide these things to them, their relationship might wind up in trouble.

Being with somebody helpful, comprehending, and responsive to their ambition to reinvent life is essential to them. Some Number 22s tend to get into relationships with persons who are really needy, so if they find themselves drained instead of stimulated then they must listen out for alarm bells sounding.

22 is a clear-cut life path, which requires its intimate relationships to assist, and not deviate it from its course.

Life Lesson.

When a 22 can master their level of sensitivity and insecurity, bypass their worry of failure, and rise above the primary life lessons of Number 4, they start to enter the total Master Number power of the 22.

A 22 person will also greatly benefit from learning to impose limits on themselves and to avoid self sabotage.

Life Path 22 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits.


Forward thinking,




Negative traits.







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