Numerology Master Number 11




numerology master number 11

Master Number 11: The Inspirational Enlightener.

11’s are regarded as the most intuitive of all the numbers. Master Number 11 is a superior vibration of Number 2, so it integrates all the things that Number 2 represents together with the additional extras of the Number 11.

Among these is the capability to uplift and influence others. As 11 is likewise the number of “enlightenment,” 11 individuals are typically on a quest for personal enhancement to find out who they are and to discover their personal vision of truth. When this has actually been achieved, they pass their knowledge on to others to help them become enlightened, too.


Life path 11 is a terrific lover. They are very devoted.

A deep, dedicated relationship is something they require. Since they get too sentimentally connected way too rapidly, Life path 11 can not bear any sort of informal relationship.

Life path 11 likewise likes to guarantee that their partner is happy and takes delight in their relationship. They are constantly ready to jump to their aid or to make them feel great, especially if they are unhappy.

They require a partner who is secure and somebody who will comprehend their stress and anxiety and will not magnify it.

Life Lesson.

Charming, sensitive, and passionate, 11’s operate on high-voltage restless energy. Managing to utilize, ground, and harmonize this restless energy is among their biggest tests.

When an 11 can master their level of sensitivity, keep a healthy level of self-confidence, and conquer the significant life lessons of Number 2, they start to enter the complete power of the 11 Master Number for the benefit of all humanity, with their intuition, creativity, and ability to heal.

They would also do well to learn to place firm emotional boundaries, and curb self centredness.

Life Path 11 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits.










Negative traits.

Self centred,

Low self-esteem,





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