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numerology number 7

The Intuitive Spiritual Thinker.

Vibration: Thought.

The life path 7 is a cerebral number, highly resonating characteristics of intelligence and discovery of abstract ideas, understanding, and deep self-examination. Their inquiring minds have them diving into a myriad of topics.

The 7 is more than delighted to spend time arranging and sorting through countless layers of intricate profound subjects. Time alone is vital to their health and wellbeing due to the fact that they are born thinkers.

Their inquisitive nature provides an enormous enjoyment of travel, and they likewise delight in being in peaceful, outdoor environments. There is an instinctive air to the 7, and when they have something to explain, folks listen.

There are times when a 7’s social skills will be impaired after spending a long time with only the company of their own minds.

They might end up being extremely skeptical of anybody’s beliefs except their own, making it tough for them to keep relationships going, or to love and be loved.

Things can end up being challenging when the 7 would rather work – something they enjoy to do – than engage with other people. Their acidic tongue will cause them enormous damage both personally and professionally, if they are not cautious. 


Smart and serene, individuals with a Life Path number of 7 are not likely to select poor unions in love.

They do not tend to commit lots of valuable resources in cultivating unbalanced relationships.

A Life Path 7 individual, will likewise be proficient at stabilizing liberty with companionship, certainly never ending up being too dependent on their lover.

Life lesson.

Observant and extremely instinctive, 7’s have a connection with nature, the ocean, and the environment. Conscious practices, such as yoga, chi gong, and meditation, are advantageous for everyone however they are particularly so for 7’s.

The life purpose of number 7 is to find their spiritual reality from within and to look “beyond the surface” to discover the keys and enigmas of the Universe.

Life Path 7 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits.






Technically oriented.

Negative traits.






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