Life Path Number 1: A Primal Force and Natural Born Leader.

Vibration: Individualism

Number 1’s are unique as well as individual, and also commonly stick out from the crowd. They have their own way of doing things that might not adhere to the norm because they often tend to walk a path much less traveled.. Their “individuality” as well as “uniqueness” are their greatest resources. They are likewise the key to their success. When 1’s have the guts to be different or to reveal a distinct viewpoint without needing the validation of others, they are well on their way to realising their full power as well as boosting their quality of life.

Number 1’s are self-motivated as well as autonomous. They are intuitive leaders who don’t enjoy taking orders and choose to be in charge. If they can’t make their own decisions they may strive towards a post of authority or merely work alone. Many 1’s have executive and management capacities and like to be in leadership or to work freelance. They are usually attracted to cutting edge and creative areas of employment in which they can develop new ideas or take on a management position.


A Life Path number 1 individual will bring devotion, creative thinking, and passion to any intimate relationship. They need to be careful not to end up becoming completely reliant on an amorous companion. While a relationship can improve their life, seeing it as a requirement for their satisfaction is a course to weakening their much-prized individualism.

Life lesson.

Life is a journey of self-discovery for all, but also for 1s, it’s their life objective. Self-awareness, along with an understanding of just how they connect to others, is their main area in need of improvement in this life.

Life Path 1 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits.








Negative traits.




Ideal roles for number 1s are:

Business owners, managers, supervisors, executives, and team leaders as well as politicians, Generals and top military figures; designers, inventors, creators, and ideas people; life coaches; property and real-estate professionals. 

Number 1’s will find deepest satisfaction when working in a position of authority, self-employed, or autonomously.