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numerology number 5

The Fearless and Sensual Adventure Lover.

Vibration: Adventure.

The individual with a 5 Life Path loves travel, action, diversity and also encountering new people. They like to be involved in several things at the same time and possess the curiosity of a cat.

They love change, new perspectives and new ideas. They make pals easily, their character is upbeat and typically inspiring, enticing individuals from all walks of life.

They are multi-talented and possess diverse capabilities. They can be in sales, marketing, politics or any kind of occupation that needs their communication abilities and also their comprehension of people.

However they probably lack self-control and order. They can additionally be spontaneous, doing or expressing things they are sorry for later.

Liberty and also a requirement for excitement are often not properly regulated by those born with this Life Path, triggering problems with addiction, such as drug abuse, or overindulgence in food or sexual activity.

That being said; sex, food, as well as other sensory experiences are vital to a 5s satisfaction, because 5 life path people are incredibly sensuous and just have to taste all of life.

Somebody with a 5 Life Path, finds it difficult to devote themselves to one relationship; however once committed they can be as faithful as an old dog. 

Willpower as well as concentration are the true keys to their success. Without these much of the jobs they start will stay incomplete and they will fail to realise the real fruits of their abilities. With hard work and also determination the sky’s the limit.


A typical Life Path 5 individual, will have an open disposition to try varied and arousing amorous possibilities. However, they might often be viewed as untrustworthy, due to their daring and fancyful spirit.

Life lesson.

Due to the fact that they are commonly a late-bloomer and need to experience life prior to devoting themselves to their heart’s desire, they should not rush their choice of occupation.

They yearn for freedom, and self-employment appeals to them powerfully. Their challenge is to settle down into one field to develop their ability enough to make their living and also achieve success.

When a Life Path 5 person finds their specific niche the motivation and inspiration they provide others will certainly bring them a lot in return, they will find their good friends and associates supporting and also promoting them on the road to success.

Life Path 5 positive and negative traits:

Positive traits.







Negative traits.







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