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numerology number 3

The Emotionally Expressive, Creative Communicator.

Vibration: Expression.

Number threes are natural entertainers who enjoy showing off their ample skills and talents.

They have a fantastic wit and take pleasure in being around other people. 

They’re happiest when they’re using their imagination, uplifting or delighting an audience, or simply making people laugh. 

Some 3s are artistically gifted where others are talented with words, written or recited.

Learning to utilize their words in a positive manner to empower and motivate as opposed to finding fault, chit-chat, or complaining is one of their most important lessons.

Whether it be artistic, kinesthetic, verbal or theoretical, self-expression is their key to a joyous existence. 

When they express themselves utilizing their hands, bodies, visions as well as words, they improve their total well-being and satisfaction in life.


The outgoing and sociable individual with a life path number of three will have no problems drawing attention to themselves and participating in lively discussions on dates.

They might especially take pleasure in a relationship with another creative person. 

The more difficult aspect of this number is that they may have a hard time devoting themselves to one person, passing from one fascinating companion to the next. 

That being said, if they can learn the art of staying put, they will be more happy than ever.

Life lesson.

Due to the dispersed spirit of number three plenty of them can lack discipline and also be disorganized, irregular, and changeable.

As a result additional effort is required to attain psychological, emotional, physical, as well as monetary security and order.

Life Path 3 positive and negative traits:

Positive Traits

  • Popular 
  • Friendly 
  • Versatile 
  • Artistic 
  • Imaginative 
  • Charismatic

Negative Traits

  • Egotistical 
  • Dispersed
  • Melodramatic 
  • Vain 
  • Gossipy 
  • Critical

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  1. Starshine Girl Avatar
    Starshine Girl

    Lifepath # 3 begins correctly and then gives us all the information for lifepath 9.
    If you can correct that it would be great. Thank you. This is beautiful artwork and very well thought out information. Thank you so much. XO

    1. Jonathan Reiss Avatar

      Thank you for highlighting this Starshine Girl.

      That’s fixed now.

      Thank you so much for your compliments about the artwork, which I made myself. Very nice to hear that you like it.

      Best wishes.

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