Angel Numbers and Synchronicity




angels and synchronicity

It was Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who invented the term “synchronicity” in the late 1940s, to describe coincidences between the inner and outer worlds; based on the proposal that psyche and matter are not separate, but ultimately the same phenomenon.

When we see repeated numbers over and over again in our surroundings, we are witnessing a message from our inner world observed in the outer world. It is not a chance occurrence but a connection of two symbolic events.

According to synchronicity, the phenomena observed in the material world is symbolic and has a corresponding occurrence in the inner world which could manifest itself as a dream, intuition, or emotion.

Jung said, “he who looks outside, dreams; he who looks inside, awakes.”. 

Other influential figures in philosophy, literature, and the nature of consciousness, such as Robert Anton Wilson and William Burroughs were also strong proponents of synchronicity.

Observing repeated numbers in the external universe reflects something important happening in your inner universe and it would be advantageous or even of upmost importance to know how to interpret these signs.

This is the realm of Numerology number meanings, and is precisely where Numerology can help us to understand what the universe is messaging us, and use that understanding to determine the most advantageous course of action to take.

Numerology serves as the bridge between the number seen in the outer world and its symbolic meaning in the inner world, thereby highlighting associated emotions and thoughts, which when activated, become positive actions leading to a desired outcome.

The inner world has always been related with the infinite, the spiritual, and the divine. It is common therefore to refer to divine beings, such as angels, and our guardian angels, when talking about the messages which are being sent from within.

Angels represent the deepest and purest parts of your inner universe, the source of all creation and eternal harmony.

Therefore the messages your guardian angels send to you are of divine wisdom and are designed to guide you to the right path to manifest the full potential of your life.

So when we see their messages we would be wise to pay attention and try to decipher them.

In Numerology, these observed and repeated numbers and number sequences are known as Angel Numbers, and every time you observe one of these numbers, it is a synchronicity.

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