Numerology is fascinating and all, but how can it help you??


You might have discovered Numerology, and find it incredibly accurate, but you want to know if it can really help you to transform your life.

And if so, how??

There’s a lot of information out there, and you don’t want to waste your time listening to the wrong people or getting paralyzed by overwhelm.

However, time goes by and nothing changes in your life, and you don’t know why. You desperately want to change it.

Let me be your guide.

Here’s how I can help you…

Hi, I’m Jonathan Reiss.

I’m fascinated by the empowerment that knowledge of number meanings can bring to people’s lives.

I set up this website to help expand awareness of Numerology and its benefits.

I help people to understand their personal numerology and how to implement it in their lives so that they have a fighting chance of harmonizing with the universe and break free of the things that were unconsciously holding them back.

By helping you to understand your personal numerology, we can stop the feeling of floundering around and bring direction to your life.

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How it all started

It took me a very long time to find Numerology and gain the self knowledge that would help me transform my life by changing my fortune, and allowing abundance and fulfillment to flow in.

I have lived a life wearing different masks, in a constant search for the unseen truth that I intuitively believed was behind all things.

In London I got a university education first in fine art, and then in physics, on a quest to understand the essential, fundamental, aspects of existence.

I also spent years as a travelling street theatre performer, from Russia to the Caribbean and almost everywhere in between. As well as running a creative video studio for many years in an old railway arch in Kings Cross station in London.

Although these experiences and attempts at discovery were enriching, they didn’t bring me any closer to the big questions in life, such as who I was and what I was meant to be doing.

They didn’t fill me with a sense of belonging or of being in touch with the essential.

I never felt like I’d arrived at my destiny, never felt like my life was in tune with the universe.

I felt more like a confused observer.

I then kind of gave up searching for truth and just went for the money, becoming a successful salesman and later setting up a business partnership.

However my level of enjoyment was close to zero and the money didn’t fulfill me, not to mention being tired and stressed all the time.

It seems silly, but my awareness of numerology was actually sparked by the film “The Number 23”, starring Jim Carrey. You’ve seen it, right? Yeah, I know, I know.

At first I didn’t take it seriously, but then I became more intrigued when I came across some information about the mysticism of the Kabbalah and it’s numerology system, and after that the very precise numerology of the Chaldeans.

Learning about the Kabbalah “Tree of Life”, which through numerology, maps out the unseen reality which gives rise to the perceived universe, was like a bomb going off in my mind – this was what I had been looking for!

After this, I learnt all I could about Numerology and found within it, the secret to fixing my life.

I had been stuck and stagnated in my life, unable to achieve fulfillment or abundance in any area.

I was frustrated and on the border of depression.

On top of that I had been single for over ten years but greatly desired to have a family, and was getting on in years.

I really began to think that nothing would ever change.

But when I began to observe the accuracy of Numerology in myself and those closest to me, I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses..

..things I had been vaguely aware of all my life, but which Numerology brought much greater clarity to.

With this new found self awareness, I began to make better decisions and take better actions in numerous areas of my life and experienced big turnarounds.

Instead of being controlled by my fear of judgement, I was finally able to first of all discover, and then reveal to the world, the authentic me.

And I’m still getting to know the limitless power of my authentic self!

For example, I met the amazing woman who is now my wife, and we now have a wonderful daughter.

My work situation has radically changed too – now I am rewarded for helping others, I’m fulfilled and never exhausted. And it doesn’t feel like “work”.

After helping myself, I started helping some family members to apply the wisdom of numerology to achieve significant changes to their lives, then friends, and well, things keep expanding since then.

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